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Working Hard to be Silly

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September 24, 2023

1:00 - 4:00 PM

Registration: This workshop is FREE. Seating is limited. Register here!

What is absurdism? Somebody blowing bubbles? Dipping your foot in a bucket? Smashing your face in a cake while somebody plays a violin? Yes, it's that, and it's a lot more.


Join self-defined nerds Luis Fernandez and Sean Parson from absurdist performance troupe, Enchilada Dada, for a workshop on dadaism and its roots.


This workshop will include: 

  • why dadaism exists and where it came from

  • how the absurd can be an antidote during hard times

  • what a dada-inspired performance can look like


Everyone is welcome!

Meet Your Instructors

Luis Fernandez (in the banana suit) has been involved with the Flagstaff Foundry for years, where he has told stories, done improv, and even hosted. He also directs and performs with Enchilada Dada, a group that performs short absurdist pieces. 


Sean Parson (in the teddy bear suit) (PhD Political Science, University of Oregon) is an Associate Professor in the departments of Politics and International Affairs and Sustainable Communities at Northern Arizona University. He is the author of the book Cooking Up a Revolution: Food Not Bombs, Homes Not Jails, and Resistance to Gentrification (Manchester University Press, 2018) and is a member of Enchilada Dada, a flagstaff based performance art troupe.

This workshop made possible with funding from:

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