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Flagstaff Foundry

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Do you aspire to perform on stage? Make people laugh? Fly through the air on an aerial rig? Do you sing or dance or have a special talent? Have you ever performed? Have you never performed?

If you answered yes to any of these... The Foundry is the place where YOU can showcase your talent to a supportive, attentive, awesome audience!

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Join The Foundry Community

The Foundry is more than a show. It is a community of inspired and talented individuals who come together to create magic. 

We are not pretentious and we are not professional. 

It takes a lot to put on a fabulous, non-professional show on a regular basis. We are 100% volunteer run and invite you to come see a show. If you love the vibe, sign up to volunteer or perform

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We're Serious

About Having Fun

The Foundry is a nonprofit performing arts incubator. That means that we offer a safe space for development and experimentation, to gain confidence and hone your act.


Sometimes a new performer braves the stage for the first time. Then a seasoned performer tries out a new thing. 

Cmon... step onto the stage.

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Thanks for the support!

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