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It takes a lot to put on a fabulous, non-professional show every month. Here’s how you can be a part of the Flagstaff Foundry Family. Start by getting on our volunteer list.  Once you are on the list, we will not harass you relentlessly, but we will harass you just enough to get you onboard. When you volunteer, you’ll get to see the show for FREE and witness the chaos of our creativity!

Day of the Show

Our call time will depend on the job you’ve signed up to do . Our Volunteer Coordinator will be in touch with details about when and where to show up, what to bring, and what to expect. 


Before the show, volunteers help set up the venue, the front of house, and the stage and sound system. 

Front of House

Before the show, our volunteers help set up the ticket table and bar. During the show, they help sell tickets and beverages, answer questions, and direct performers to the check-in location. 

Show Production & Tech

Tech volunteers undergo training to learn how to set up the equipment and manage the stage during the show. 

Any Time

There is plenty to do between shows. No experience necessary. We may have no experience either so, if necessary, we’ll learn how to do it with you:

  • Take some good photos at the show that we can                 use for the website, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

  • Finding venues for upcoming shows

  • Looking for and writing grants for funding

  • Finding local sponsors

  • Instagram takeovers seem to be a good thing for    marketing and they bring out the pirate in us.

  • Recruiting performers for future shows,                                   e.g. Viola award winners

  • Communicating with performers to prepare                        them for the next show

  • Updating and maintaining the very volunteer list you’ve joined and the performers list

  • Planning logistics for a regular or special show, e.g. if chairs are needed, additional volunteers, vuvuzelas, crowns, etc.

  • Nominate us and recruit others to nominate                             us for a Viola Award.

  • And more. Much more.

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