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The Foundry is Flagstaff’s only monthly, community variety show. Think of it as an adult talent show. Or an open mic plus. Every show features comedy, live music, storytelling performance art, and usually a little something extra – like aerial dance, interpretive dramatic sandwich making, inebriated murder mystery stories, freestyle rap battles with people who have never rapped before, contests about who is the better human. One time, a performer did some show and tell with weird, old dolls she had hodge podged together ten years ago and then recently found in a dusty suitcase in her attic. It was weird and unexpected. And it was the perfect Foundry act.

Anyone can perform anything anytime.*  The show is new, different, and exciting every month because of the acts. Each month, the show is built from the acts that sign up, making it new, different, and exciting.It creates an incredibly welcoming and supportive environment for performers. Nothing is curated by the organizers, but we’ll help you incubate your ideas or bounce ideas around. 

*We stand behind creating a safe place for expression, so acts that feature hate speech, sexism, racism, homo/transphobia are not welcome. And by “anytime” we mean once per month. Anytime would be ridiculous.


About Performing
Tips for performers:

Practice your act; you’ll be limited to 8 minutes, so get it down. Gather some friends, facetime your mom, or get your dog to sit and pay attention while you rehearse. Our audience is going to support you and give you applause and cheering feedback, but be sure to invest some time in preparation and practice so you know what you’ll say and do when the bright Foundry lights come up.

Attend a show prior to performing. It’s wise to feel out the show and see the room.

Of course you’re welcome to sign up and perform without seeing a show as an audience member – but don’t you want to see the format that you’ll be performing in? We encourage all acts to scope out the scene the month before they perform so they know what to expect.

The Foundry does not condone or support hate speech including but not limited to homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, racism, and misogyny. The Foundry protects our audiences’ self-respect and dignity, and we strongly encourage everyone to respect others. If this doesn’t jive with your act, perhaps our show isn’t for you.

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