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Do you know that you can apply to be a Flagstaff Foundry Intern?  That’s right – YOU!  No experience necessary.


Whether it’s for school credit, a resume booster, or street cred, you get a unique, flexible, and comprehensive experience as a Foundry Intern.  You’ll work on show production, non-profit management and social media marketing.  It can be five, ten, or 20 hours a week, depending on your needs and your schedule.  Some of the work can even be done at home, thanks to the miracle of the Internet!


It’s a fun way to be part of the Foundry Family and contribute to your favorite not-a-professional variety show.  Read the testimonials below from past satisfied interns, then click on the button to apply.


Current openings

What Our Interns Have to Say

“Being a Foundry intern is great because you get to work together with a fabulous group of people to create an original experience for the community every month.”

Sarah Andrews, former Intern

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